Hello! And welcome to the vitrine of the revue PHYLACTERE*. 

*Initially borrowed from comics, a phylactère, more commonly called «speech balloon» is a graphical medium to imply the action of speaking, whispering, murmuring, shouting, et cetera. In medieval art, a phylactère took the form of a graphic scroll, to express direct speech between characters. Ultimately a phylactère is giving a shape to orality and discourse.

Phylactère is born from a deep desire to transcribe performance, with authentic, subjective and spontaneous point of views; giving voice to amateurs, artists, designers and thinkers alike. Phylactère is published once a year. Each issue takes an onomatopoeia as its theme. Phylactère publishes transitional writings and in turn welcomes the discrepancies between a script, the performed action, to its translation; with an extreme and adventurous attention given to contexts, gestures, emotions and spaces put at stake during this transcription. Phylactère is digging into post-performance, allowing those who weren’t present to get a reading of it and experience it from another perspective. Phylactère provides a stage for voices that deserve to be heard — questioning how to capture these voices and appropriate them in attempt to talk about it. Phylactère is also gathering a moving community sharing affinities for writing and orality. This community is expressing itself punctually, through organised events such as lectures, performances and workshops.

This first issue has the theme of the French onomatopoeia Patati Patata: an inexhaustible and endless chatter, long or short discourse, gossip, word of mouth, whispers… Patati Patata or «Yada Yada Yada» in English, is a too much of speech, an endless story, an et cetera expressed out loud. It is also a noise, one of rhythmical wording Patati Patata (or its variation « patatipatali patatatipatala »), similar to the vocal duality of « tick-tock ».The etymology in old French « patic patac » evoked the sound of a galloping horse, referring literally to a running noise, like that of a rumour. By having the expressive, palpable, sonorous, manipulable and unstable image of Patati Patata, we would like to receive your contribution before the 1st of June 2019.

Phylactère is a journal composed of multiple voices, initiated by Roxanne Maillet and Auriane Preud’homme, produced by RondPoint Projects and published by Immixtion Books. It will be realised in winter 2019. The different steps in the development of the publication will be punctuated by events organised throughout the year. The journal wants to be an accessible resource: so feel free to duplicate, exchange, give, read, re-read, exhaust, circulate! 

Follow us or contact us at revue.phylactere@gmail.com.